Hello. I’m a New Zealand-based, multidisciplinary artist, working across a range of creative platforms. I have a Master of Fine Arts degree (Whitecliffe, 2002), as well as an English & History Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Auckland, and adult teaching qualifications.

My work explores themes of repetitive process, experience and transformation, and often uses narrative devices to trigger personal connections. To date, it has included site-specific installations, sculpture, drawings, paintings, digital prints and photography.

I have been involved in both art and graphic design, for nearly two decades, starting out at Reed Publishing (NZ) way back in the mid 1990s. I worked as a graphic artist and designer for a range of small studios before embarking upon a career in tertiary teaching in 1999. I’ve taught a wide variety of courses in the Design and Visual Arts departments of WITT, Natcoll (now Yoobee), Whitecliffe and Browne School of Art, and have been actively involved in course development and curriculum writing. I have also worked with a range of community education classes, some of which have resulted in the creation of permanent public works of art.

I have a small studio in Auckland where I continue to develop my creative practice. I also currently work part-time for Design Assembly, and teach at Browne School of Art.

These days I dedicate a large portion of my time to raising two young children with my partner, Ronnie, as well as looking after a house full of pets and an ever-needy garden. I love to travel, read, watch gritty movies, listen to music, walk, bike ride and kayak.

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