Zoë Nash is a diverse visual artist working across a range of creative disciplines. She has a Master of Fine Arts degree from Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design (2002), a Bachelor of Arts degree (University of Auckland, 1991) and adult teaching qualifications.

Her abstract works explore process, materiality, and the simple yet playful repetition of predominantly circular, tubular, or linear motifs. With a set of clearly defined intentions but no pre-conceived expectations regards outcome, Zoë’s works slowly, carefully, and often painstakingly evolve and build up over time. Through mindful, steady repeats of simple techniques, Zoë creates spaces full of vibrant pattern that can cause visual disruption and toy with perspective and depth.

“I love how my artworks grow and evolve with every mark made or action taken so that in the end, just a like a knitted jumper, the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts.”

Ever conscious of how each mark both influences and is influenced by those around it, Zoë’s work is a celebration of making and creativity that can often trigger nostalgic connections for viewers. The inclusion of subtle references to the natural world, or fragments of memory and a yearning for places long forgotten, encourage viewers to lose themselves within the detail of each piece.

Zoë spent a large portion of her early working life in publishing and graphic design where she developed a love for colour, pattern, shape and form. She formally began to study fine art in her early 30s, and now exhibits regularly as she continues to develop her professional arts practice. In 2022 and 2020 Zoë was a Finalist in the Walker & Hall Waiheke Art Awards, and in 2019 was one of six selected artists to take part in the Trashed As artist residency programme at the Waitakere Transfer Station. In 2015 Zoë was a Finalist in the Parkin Drawing Prize, and in 2013 a Finalist in the Small Sculpture Prize at the Waiheke Community Art Gallery. She was awarded the Zinni Douglas Merit Award at the Walker & Hall Waiheke Art Awards in 2012, and has been a Finalist in the Trust Waikato Contemporary Art Awards and recipient of the Whitecliffe Post Grad Scholarship.

Zoë was invited to present a course at Taranaki Polytechnic in 1999, which re-ignited her love of learning, sharing, and inspiring others, and she has been passionately involved in arts education ever since. She has spent many years teaching and developing curriculum across both the graphic design and fine art departments of Taranaki Polytechnic (WITT), Natcoll (Yoobee), and Whitecliffe, and has also been heavily involved in community arts education on an ongoing basis. Zoë currently works from her west Auckland studio and regularly teaches at Browne School of Art as well as running independent workshops.

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