Open Studio

We hosted last year’s Open Studio event on December 14th. A hot and humid Saturday afternoon in a busy, pre-Christmas season saw a slower, but steady stream of visitors. Always great to see new people in our spaces and get some feedback on the work being produced. Some new tenants in the building added an extra buzz. Here’s a couple of pics from inside Studio 9:





Last December 2012. Along with several of my art colleagues who share studio space in central Auckland, we hosted an open studio event just prior to Christmas. A huge success, it attracted loads of people, and was an exciting evening generating lots of sales!



As you can see, the majority of my work in 2012 had a drawing focus and used a lot of pencils! Throughout the year I set myself personal drawing challenges involving pushing through the boundaries of boredom and repetitive strain, hoping to visually explore and generate discourse around what contemporary drawing practice can be.

Here’s to us Matthew Browne, Kathryn Stevens, Peter Miller, Marjorie McLean, John Eaden, and more…