Term II classes at Browne School of Art

Calling all Aucklanders: join me for some Autumn art-making fun. My classes are experimental and challenge students to think beyond the expected. This may sound a bit scary, but it’s not. Our atmosphere at Browne School of Art is collegial and supportive, and students are encouraged to work at their own pace and follow their own desires.

I’ll be running a Tuesday evening drawing class throughout term II from 6.15-9.15pm, and a pattern-based weekend workshop on June 4/5th from 10am-4pm both days. Enrolments are now open online. Details below:


Drawing Now: This 9 week course explores a more conceptual approach to drawing and mark-making, and uses a variety of media and methods. Students will discover a range of unexpected drawing tools and surfaces, and will work on both a micro and a monumental scale. Beginning with a series of group exercises, students will gradually work towards the completion of a self-directed project, while receiving ongoing feedback and support. By the end of the course, students will have a greater appreciation and understanding of contemporary drawing practice, have gained confidence in their own drawing ability, and will have the momentum to continue their practice beyond the classroom environment.



Let’s Go Crazy: Delve into the world of repetitive motifs, pattern and shape. Investigate symmetry, illusion, geometry, colour, positive and negative space, simplicity, complexity, layering, rhythm and replication, all at your own pace. Work with a variety of surface and size. Channel your own inner obsessive to produce a wide range of abstract works that can help to further progress your own creative practice. Suitable for all levels of experience and ability.